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rich dad poor dad book review,book reviews

RICH DAD POOR DAD is the one of my best book which I read I will tell you that in this book you all easily knew about the working of money and which persons are really rich by reading this book you are able to know that how rich people differ from Poor by their thinking and skills.

                rich people are always tried to increase their knowledge and skill but poor always complain that their salaries are insufficient to meet their liabilities the poor are always increase their liabilities but rich people always build their asset and reinvest their money and after a certain period they become very rich.

RICH DAD POOR DAD book is really amazing the author of the book has described many facts and figures and gives tips so that you will become rich

RICH DAD POOR DAD book's author has two dads one of his real and the other is his friend Mike's dad. At a very small age, the author wants to be a rich person his real father does a job and his friend's father was a businessman.

         His real father was a very educated person but another dad was illiterate but after many years his real father has no asset and left bills after his death and another dad was left asset and money after its death this book is best to making money.

                      This book will teach you the money lessons the author says that you pay yourself first you need to save money and invest it in real state, stock and bonds after you can invest interest in its and you make a large amount of money.

RICH DAD POOR DAD book's author gives you simple tips to invest your money author will be emphasized to read books as much as you can. You can read books in which sector you deal or work you can collect full information about your investment and after you can invest it.

So this is the book written by Robert T Kiyosaki named RICH DAD POOR DAD
I hope you will read this book and enjoy it so if you have any suggestions or queries regarding this summary comment below down



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