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                            RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON

Advice is one thing that is freely given away, but watch that you only take what is worth having.” 


RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON is a famous book written by  George S. Clason this is the really fantastic book for investment purposes this will give a great deal to investors and the persons who want to be rich.

 In  the book, you will know which principles you should follow to make him rich this is the book taught you how you can multiply our investments through simple tricks I can explain these simple tricks in the next paragraph.

 This book will also give you many money lessons that will enable you to take right decisions  before doing investment or expenses  the book merely consist a story of the man named ARCADE who is the richest man in Babylon but are you know that he is not rich by birth he is very poor but he will follow some guidelines and become the richest man in Babylon.

RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON’s author describes a story of a man who is willing to be rich and one day he met a man who is very rich he simply ask him can you tell me your secret how you can earn the money.

 The rich man gives him a tedious job that if he can do this job then he will tell him the secret to earn the money then full night he will do the job and in the morning he will finish it.

                            Now he will go to him and ask him that now he will do the job which will be given to him now the richest man give him money lessons he asks him that he will earn money and invest it.

 I know  man it is very difficult but if you can invest 10% of your total income then surely you have not to face money problem in your older age then he will save money and gave it to the man who deals in brick and asks him took some precious stones and we will sell at higher prices.

                       then they will go to the richest man and say about this deal the richest man laugh at him and ask him that you can do a foolish work a man who deals in bricks can never have the knowledge to buy stones your money will lose but now you can save money and carefully invested it the man will do the same and he has earned a huge profit. 

but this time he will spend his all profit and interest then the rich man said can’t kill the child's of your investment you should invest it and reinvest it so that money works for you if you have let out your house and if you will give money to someone who gave you a handsome interest.

                         on it then money works for you when you were sleeping but one thing keep in mind that you should give money to him who can return your money and interest before giving money you investigate fully that your money is not in danger firstly you can ask him what he can do of this money and then if his  plan is practically possible then you can give him the money.

RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON’s author also told much more in this book they will describe lots of things which will really help you to become rich and this all really work for you. you  can take advice from a skilled person not from foolish persons if you can take advice from skilled persons.
                                         then they will give you a great deal of knowledge you can remember one thing that in this world everyone can willing to give advice but you can take care off you can take all and use which will worth for you the author also said that never give your money to someone who has not the knowledge of the money.

RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON’s author also insist on that when you got salary or compensation for your work then you can firstly pay yourself then after you can pay your routine expenses you should save at least 10 percent of your income and invest it.

 you should live with rich and affluent people who are experts in making the money these people help you a lot and by living and familiar with him you will know how they earn money and by following him.

                           you also learn the tricks and tips to earn the money one thing more than you should do hard work to earn money it is not as easy to earn it but if you will do hard work then you can successfully earn lots of money to

 ensure a future income one day we all become old to make sure that your income will continue when we don’t work. Also, you should take life insurance for the protection of your family.

 They told that you can help your friend in such a way that will not bring difficulties for you.

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