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SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE  MIND book is written by T. HARV EKER in this book the author gives the tricks on how to make money and how the money will do work for us.

 they go to many types of seminar where they tell people how to be rich and how we can use money efficiently. they told him that they will not believe in him that his ideas really work but if he has a strong will power to make money then he definitely got it.

SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE  MIND'S author will insist to make the blueprint of money and if we do that regularly and make it wisely and strictly follow the blueprint then we will be able to make money

                      Eker told one thing which is very important that we should take our finger and put it on our head and say we have a millionaire mind then there are certain changes in our life happens after some time if we do it regularly. 

            He told that if you think big then you will achieve big if you think small then you will achieve small so you can always think big so that things will happen big and great. you are very influenced by your parents

                   author always say that things will be costly the government can't do any. richer get rich and poor gets poor they tell son you can study hard and took high packages but they can't tell us how to make money so in the next step author will describe how to make money.

SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE  MIND'S The author tells us that we have always a positive attitude towards life. we should always live with successful people we don't feel jealousy by rich.

           people should read at least one book in a month because books teach us in every step of our life they also ask that we get whatever we think and we should always think big then we get it.

SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE  MIND'S author asks that it is very easy to earn money but it is very difficult to hold it for at longer period many persons you will see in your life who earn a lot of money.

                      in their younger age but in their retirement time they have not enough money to enjoy their life because they have not the proper knowledge of management of money so you all know this all things in this book.

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