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                  NIKOLA tesla  BIOGRAPHY


                       Do you really think that I should write an introduction of Nikola Tesla? There is hardly any person in this world who does not know about Nikola Tesla, the electricity without which you could not live even for a minute was invented by him. There are many more things that you use throughout the day, a lot of them are due to him.

Nikola Tesla Biography
Nikola Tesla Biography
 He was a great scientist, he astonished the world with his inventions. Today a lot of books have been written on his life and there are many people who are doing a lot of good in the world and society after being inspired by him.

He has surprised us with his inventions. One of his famous inventions is AC current (alternating current). He has also given many theories on wireless energy. He has more than 150 patent rights to his inventions and is a great engineer. And are physicists

 He was a wise man since his childhood but he was also called a mad scientist because he had different dreams and his fantasies were very different. He had a lot of problems with women, he considered women very high and  He was afraid to go to them, he had problems with jewelry too, so his life was very mysterious, so it was a brief description of his life, let's see this great man Whole life


1.,     childhood

2.,      boyhood

3.,      Nikola v.s Edison

4.,       current war

5.,        old age


 Nicola was born on 10 July 1856 in Smilajan, Croatia, Nikola is one of five siblings that includes Dan, Angelina, Micah and Marika. Nicola's mother used to make many new things in her spare time and due to the influence of all these, Nicola also grew up to become an engineer and her interest grew in all these things.

He was a wise child from birth, he used to surprise his teachers with his sharp intellect, he used to solve the questions of sin, cos, tan in his mind, seeing this, his teachers felt that he had copied them all.

 He loved books and spent most of his time in the library, his interests were in the field of science, but his father Milutin Tesla was a priest and he insisted that Nicola also become a priest but he was always an engineer Wanted to be and he stuck to it

 Once in childhood, he was suffering from a disease called cholera, then his father said that if you get well then you will be sent to polytechnic college. Nikola completed primary school, then Nikola from a middle school in 1874. Left his post in the Austro-Hungarian army at Smingajan and, like the Tominges, ran southeast, locating the hunter's gripped mountains.

He also says that his contact with nature has made him strong both physically and mentally.

Nikola tesla's Boyhood:-

                                                        Nikola was enrolled in the Austrian Polytechnic in graz. During his first year, he worked very hard, people also said that he slept only two hours a day, in fact it is impossible but he did it because he Were very devoted to his work.

He never missed his class speech, he was always present in his class and he got the highest marks in the whole class, he always struggled with his professors, his professors were very tight with him and his questions Tesla always used to say that a motor can run without commuter but no one believe but later they did and made induction motor without it. 

Nikola's professor warned him and then in his final year he was expelled from college. He lost his scholarship and got into gambling etc. and then he also had a nervous breakdown but recovered very quickly. He could not even get his last year grades and could not graduate from the university then in 1881 Nikola Moved to Budapest and worked for a telegraph company. 

 Tesla v.s Edison:- 

Nikola arrived in the United States with little clothing in 1884 and did not have the money to survive. At that time, Edison was very influential in the whole of the United States, he had his D.C current.
Edison hired Nikola Tesla to improve his inventions, Edison announcing that if anyone could improve their generator, they would reward him $ 50,000, which was a huge amount at the time.

Tesla was a great inventor who did this and demanded 50000 dollars but Edison refused to give him the money, which made Tesla very angry and then a war broke out between two great inventors of the century.

And then Tesla got into the invention of alternating current, which was much better than Edison's direct current, the voltage of direct current was a lot of weak, due to which it could not be carried far, there was a lot of energy loss in it. Repeaters had to be installed which used to refresh the current but the alternating current has a lot of energy and can be transmitted for thousands of miles.

Tesla received funding for its new Tesla Electric Light Company in 1975, and many people currently began to take interest in their project. In 1887 Tesla developed an induction motor powered by alternating current. It was one of his famous inventions and it expanded very rapidly in the United States and Europe through its advantage and high voltage transmission.

Tesla invented the alternating current that has become the source of today's energy, George Westinghouse offered Tesla's Polyphase induction motor and transformer design for $ 60000 in cash and stock and a royalty of $ 2.50 per AC horsepower produced on each motor Westinghouse has hired Nicola as a consultant at Westinghouse for a large fee of $ 2000 a month for a year.                                                                            

current war:-                                                           
But things did not go well, Westinghouse became financially weak and Tesla broke its royalty contract.

Edison A.C. he start a campaign to bring down the stream, they start electrocution. In 1890 it is first given to prisoners and by this, death is worse than hanging. They apply A.C current on animals to show how dangerous A.C current is.

In 1889 and 1890, Nikola introduced Tesla coil and wireless transmission to A.C. Designed through. Later J.P. Morgan came to Nicola's project and after some time he withdrew his investment.

Because Marconi had already invented radio wave technology using Nicola's ideas. This made Nikola really upset and he is in high blood pressure because he put all his time and money into this work.

Nikola Tesla's old age:-  

In his last time, Nikola moved from one hotel to another and his behavior also changed completely. He had gone through something crazy in his old age. Many people started telling them that they are crazy now

He went bankrupt in 1925 and did not have enough money to pay his hotel rent. Now he is in love with the pigeons in his old age. In the evening he goes for a walk and feeds the pigeons. He feeds the pigeons at his hotel window too.

He gave a theory of 3,6,9 and says that this number is the mystery of the universe. In his last time, he loves number 3 and orders everything in multiples of 3.

Nikola Tesla Biography

Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943, at the age of 86, in New York City after suffering a nervous breakdown.

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