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                  NIKOLA tesla  BIOGRAPHY

Nikola Tesla Biography
Nikola Tesla Biography
NIKOLA tesla need not an introduction. He was a great inventor. and most of the people will know about him and many people take inspiration from his life. Nikola Tesla invented many things which will become a necessity of our life.

He is a great man who amazed us with his inventions. One of his famous inventions is A.C current (Alternating current)  he gives many principles on wireless energy he takes 150 plus patent rights for their inventions and also a great engineer and physicist.

 He is very intelligent from their childhood but also called mad scientist because of they have different visions and imaginaries he has also a problem with jewelry. So, this all we look in his biography.


1.,     childhood

2.,      boyhood

3.,      Nikola v.s Edison

4.,       current war

5.,        old age


 Nikola was born on 10 July 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. Nikola one of the five children including siblings Dane, Angelina, Mika, and Marica. Nikola’s mother also makes new things when she has spare time this all will effect on Nikola and he loves electricity and engineering.

He is a very intelligent boy by birth. and will amaze his teachers by his intelligence. he will solve sin, cos sums in his mind sometimes his teacher will think that he will be cheated and do sums.

 Nikola will always far away from women because he will think that they are superiors in their childhood he will go to the library and read books he loves books and spent a lot of time in reading books. 

his interest was always in the field of science. His father Milutin Nikola was a priest writer and poet his father will always push him to become a priest but he will always say that he will become an engineer.

 In their childhood one time he contracted cholera and his life are in danger then his father will ask him if he could recover then he will be sent him to polytechnic college.
Nikola completed primary school, followed by a middle school in 1874, Nikola evaded conscription into the Austro Hungarian army in Smiljan by running away southeast of like to Tomingaj there he explored the mountains wearing hunter’s grab.
He will also say that his contact with nature made him stronger both physically and mentally.

Nikola tesla's Boyhood:-

Nikola will be enrolled at Austrian Polytechnic in Graz. During his first year, he will do very hard work some people will say that he will sleep only 2 hours a day. This is really impossible but he will do that he is very dedicated to their work. 

He will never miss lectures and earned the highest grades possible passed nine exams  Nikola will always conflict with their professors. His professors always embraced by him Nikola also suggested that commuters were not necessary and later he will not use commutors in their induction motor.

Nikola’s professor will warn him and he will be removed from the school at the end of the year Nikola will lose their scholarship and he became addicted to gambling. 

He has also a nervous breakdown and they will recover from it. Nikola will never receive grades of their last year and he will never be graduated from university

In 1881 Nikola moved to Budapest for work in a telegraph company.

 Tesla v.s Edison:- 

in 1884 Nikola arrived in The United States with little more clothes and have not money for their survival. In the united states there are the Thomas Edison DC-based electrical current will be the standard in the country.

Edison hired Nikola Tesla for the improvement in Edison’s inventions one time Edison will announce that if anyone can improve their generator then he would give a reward of 50000 dollars that is a very big amount.

 Tesla is a great inventor he will do it and ask him to give agreed amount but Edison will refuse him to give this all will make Tesla annoyed by Edison.
And this will start the battle between two geniuses that is Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison he will developed the alternating current that is much better than Edison's direct current. Direct current has very low voltage and we can’t transmit it to the far off places, 

it has the problem that it will waste much more energy and also install repeaters that will refresh the power but the alternating current has very high voltage and it would be transmitted over thousands of miles.

 In 1885 Nikola will receive funding for his new Tesla electric light company many people will show their interest in Tesla alternating current.

In 1887 Tesla developed an induction motor that runs on alternating current. This was his one of the famous inventions and it will also be expanding in the United States and Europe very rapidly through its advantage and high voltage transmission.
Tesla will invent alternating current which will become the source of today’s energy later George Westinghouse offered to Tesla’s polyphase induction motor and transformer designs for 60000 dollars in cash and stock and a royalty of 2.50 dollars per AC horsepower produced by each motor.

                                                       Westinghouse also hired Nikola for one year for the large fee of 2000 dollar per month to be a consultant at the Westinghouse.                                                                                                                                                                                               

current war:-                                                           

But things will not go correctly Westinghouse will become financially too weak and Tesla will break his royalty contract.

    Edison will start a campaign to bring down the A.C current they will start electrocution. In 1890 firstly it is given to the prisoners and by this, the death is too much worse than hanging they will apply A.C current on the animals to show how much the A.C current is dangerous.

In 1889 and 1890 Nikola designed Tesla coil and wireless transmission through  A.C. Later J.P Morgan will come and invest in the Nikola’s project but after some time they withdrew their investment

                               because Marconi already invented radio wave technology using Nikola’s ideas. By this Nikola will really very upset and are in hypertension Tesla will invest all his money, time and effort.

Nikola Tesla's old age:-   

In their last time, Nikola will be migrated from one hotel to another hotel and his behavior is also changed. He will be doing some mad things in their older age. many people will say that they will become mad.

 In 1925 they will become bankrupt and they have not sufficient money to pay their hotel rent. Now in their old age will have love with pigeons in the evening he will go on a walk and feed pigeons he also feeds pigeons on the window of their hotel

He will give the theory of 3,6,9 he says that this number has the secret of the universe. In their last time, he loves the number 3 and also orders everything in the multiples of 3

Nikola Tesla Biography

Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943, at the age of 86, in New York City after suffering a nervous breakdown.

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