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Sandeep maheshwari biography:childhood, school life, struggle, success

Sandeep  maheshwari  biography: childhood, school life, struggle, success


Introduction:- Sandeep Maheshwari is a well-recognized person in India. He is a motivator, entrepreneur, businessman, photographer, and the owner of the image bazaar. He is a public speaker.

 A lot of people have been influenced by them. he has told many people an easy way to get out of their problems. He is also a successful you tuber and approximately 11 million people are associated with him. 

He does a great job for humanity. His life story is very interesting and inspiring for us. Now, we will see below how he started many startups and how he succeeded and we will see a brief life story of him.

a)        Childhood

b)          School life

c)          Struggle

d)          Success

Childhood:- Sandeep Maheshwari was born on 28 September 1980 in Delhi. His father's name is Roop Kishore Maheshwari and his mother's name is Shakuntala Rani Maheshwari. He is born into a thriving family, his father was a businessman.

School life:-   In his school days, he was an average student like the others. His face was very blonde and has brown hair. He had very few friends. In his school life, he was a quarrelsome phenomenon. He was a very shy person during his school days and was not able to talk easily.

 Even when his friends did not come to school, he did not eat his food in class, instead, he used to go to the ground and sit in a corner and eat food where no one comes, he would feel very insecure in school. 

But in the end, he thought that he could not have anything in this school, so he left this school and moved to another school for class 11, on the very first day in school, he met his future wife or girlfriend and at that time At first sight, his girlfriend felt that this boy is the most different and after some time both of them became a good friend too.

Sandeep Maheshwari shares an incident of his life with us that once when he was in class 11, his P.T Sir was hitting all the children with a stick when his turn came, he told Sir Do not hit or else there will be a problem.

                         These words made his sir angry and his sir hit with a stick on his leg with full force, due to such a sharp blow, his leg swelled and turned blue, Sandeep was very angry on his sir and he spoke to his sir. Why hit me I told you not to kill me, then his sir once again slapped and hit. Now Sandeep loosened his tie and opened his shirt buttons and shouted loudly.  and say hit me, hit me why are you not hitting me.

All the students, sir, and madam, all gathered in the ground and together started pacifying Sandeep and then later his sir also apologized to him, this was an incident which he shared with us.

And then the days went by like this and in class 12 Sandeep began to take a lot of interest in his studies and he started studying very hard. His girlfriend always used to tell him that do not take studies so seriously, along with studying, fun is also necessary.

          But he kept working and his relationship with his girlfriend started deteriorating due to some psychological reasons, he finally passed class 12 with 85% but his girlfriend topped in that school.

Struggle:- His struggle started after class 12, his family's financial condition was deteriorating and there was a time when his house was just subsistence money, it was a huge burden on the head of Sandeep Maheshwari that Now they have to earn money by doing some work, because of this they thought of an idea, they printed the advertisement, what to do after class 12 and got it distributed.


And then he got a lot of phone calls to ask for advice but some people asked him, Sir, what is your merit, Sandeep never used to lie, so he told the truth, due to which people told him very bad and said that he himself 12 Has done what he will teach us but he never mind and kept doing his work and finally he admitted a child to college.

 with this work he earned Rs 4000 and that spending advertisement 2000 rupees we give out, he earned 2000After that he did not have so much time or money so that he could do an MBA course, so he was looking for a course that would be equivalent to MBA and could be done in less time, so that he was about to join NAIS Thought this is why they understood the whole syllabus well, everything was practical here, they have been learning attitude from the beginning,

             they learn a lot about group discussion presentation etc. They learn all this from there but after this, he leaves it because he says that he has learned as much as he could, and now it was just a waste of time that he left it.

And then he enrolled in Kirorimal College for B.Com but left it after two years. Now, in the end, he is not a graduate and has become a college dropout, then he learns about multi-level marketing and he used to go and see many speakers and was very impressed with them, he wanted to be like him. at a young age the boys were also making their lives a lot bigger, seeing those boys would inspire them to do something big in life.

After class 12, he was doing a lot of work together. This was a big dilemma. Once he was on the way, he heard and saw about a liquid soap and then he left his mind that I should make it and earn the profit by selling ​​it, they worked on it a lot, they understood it very well, they met many people, they discussed the most about it, they thought of selling it for 10-15 rupees that cost him 5 rupees. He promoted this product very much. He also gave his girlfriend liquid soap with flowers on Valentine's Day, but again this business model also failed.

Success:-  Now his life started changing and now he started learning photography work. He was very passionate about it. He used to do many free photoshoots for many people, he used to take free photos of people from morning till evening. And he used to earn 20-25 thousand rupees a month from this work.

Then his friend once told him about multi-level marketing that it was a big Japanese company with a basic salary of seventy thousand rupees and he enters this company and within 11 months he reaches the position of DD(direct distributor) and earns approximately 1 to 1.25 lakh rupees per month.

 But now he thought of starting his own company and gave up a good job of his multi-level marketing and started a company with three partners. The company was a successful company by revenue and sales but When the company was closed, there was not a single penny in his hand and his money was also gone due to some partnership differences.

He was very upset by this incident but then he thought that he is a photographer and he can work on it so he bought a camera and started working slowly and started earning Rs 30-60 thousand a month but he wanted to do something different so he thought of setting a world record and he did it in the field of photography.

And now he decided to work on the image bazaar but it also failed due to his inadequate knowledge in IT (Information Technology), so he took a lot of time to learn it and start the image bazaar and he finally succeeded. Now his company has become the world's largest stock image of India. And this time he is a powerful motivator and a public speaker and influential person. so this is the end of his biography and 

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