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Who moved my cheese? Summary, analyze


                 Who moved my cheese?   🧀🧀🧀

Introduction: - 

Who moved my cheese? Summary, analyze
Who moved my cheese? Summary, analyze
                           this is the evergreen🌲 book written by DR. Spencer Johnson. That delivers an important message. That the changes in the world are constant and it will always happen.                          Those persons👱 who properly analyze the situation and have the courage to grasp more things and learn and try to know about new things will easily face the changes or have the very least effect on them.

                                      This book will change your thinking 🤔 mindset you can’t be feel tensed in the worst situation this book will enable that every time you will be ready for changes. in this book, the author will tell us this all by a fable or a short story✌

The all-core essence and all important things are covered in the summary📑 this story tells us more what we 🤔think. Each time when you will read you will learn a new lesson📘.

             So let’s start the story at the starting of the story some schoolmates gather to meet with each other and willing to know about what happened in their lives👀👀.

           So they will meet up and up and after eating, there will be starting a debate. In this debate, they talk about the changes. how changes will come and change everything.  

                  Those who adopt changes become highly successful in their lives. And those who not adopt it become a failure in their lives.👦 Michal says one time come in his business when his business was going through a change.

                          And he sees the worst scenario in their life. and their business becomes sink𝍅𝍅. Then he says a little story. This story will change their thinking process and their life. The story was

             Who moved my cheese?🧀🧀


Who moved my cheese? Summary, analyze
Who moved my cheese? Summary, analyze

                                     In the story, there are four characters in the story. Two are mice🐭 and two are small men👨. 

                             They all will go to maze and find some cheese🧀 to eat. In the maze, there are many ways that will bring more delight😋 in their lives.

                            Similarly, in our life, there are lots of ways of doing a particular work but if we find the right one then we easily achieve the success😎.

Summary: - 
                          In the story one day they all will find a cheese station (c) there are many heaps of cheese. They all will be very happy😁 to find it.
           The two mice🐭 will woke up early and go to cheese station and inspect the changes which will come day by day but the two little men👨 slowly get lazy and woke up late.
              And eat lots of cheese🧀 they will damage 💥their routine work they will come at cheese station late eat and go not do any work they will thought it will be always there.

                         Similarly in our real-life many people will want to do hard work only one time🕙 and they will think that things always be in their favor but in this world 🌍changes are constant if you will not change according to time then you will be destroyed💥.

Summary: -  
                                              Small men👨 thought they will be safe for whole life💪 and write proverbs on the wall and make the photographs of cheese. He will also take his friends to the cheese station and show off😜.
                       The time goes on and now their faith will be turned in arrogance. They will be relaxed and not do any work.

Analyze:-  Similar to our life many people will achieve something and make show off to everyone and thought that things will be always in their favor.
      but it’s a life where anything happened future is always uncertain❓ so we should be ready always to face new challenges😃.

Summary: -  
                                      But the mouse🐁 will take their sight on cheese🧀 and they will always regularly see the quantity of cheese and how it will be declined😱 now one day come they all will come on cheese station and see that there will be not the cheese.

                          The mice 🐭will know that one day it will be happened so they will not invest much time and run in the maze to find a new cheese station🧀 after some time hem and haw will come and they will be shocked 😱😱when they will see that cheese is not their own place it will be totally invisible they will be tensed and roar who moved my cheese? 
                                                Anyone who has done it, keep it back but there will not be anything happened haw will be in depression he will not expect this situation cheese is very important for him and there will be a habit to eat more cheese in a day so, they will invest a large amount of their time🕗 to think about what we do next.

                                   Similarly in our life some people will take a regular interest in their work👷 and see the changes and adopt but some will be feel tensed😖 and spent much more time to analyze the situation and blame to others waste their time in screaming that is not the right way. We should not waste time and adopt it fast.

Summary: -  
                                      The small men will not think what we do next hem will not understand anything but haw will inspect everything and know that cheese🧀 will not invisible it’s a simple process in their inspection he will analyze that with passing the time🕔 the cheese quantity and quality also declined day by day.

        The mice🐭 will run in the maze. will find a heap of cheese, at the end of the maze, they find cheese station (n).  Haw will think that what happened with mice he will think about new cheese and their taste and decide to find😅 a new cheese station

                      And he will tell all to hem but haw will not ready to go he will say there are dangers outside the world and this place is well known for us, haw says in our past  we run in the maze to find cheese🧀 and nothing will be changed in the maze and we will do it again

                         But hem will not ready now they have not enough energy😫 they will not sleep😴 properly because of their hunger the next day they will think somebody will theft cheese 🧀and put it inside the wall so,

                                   They will break💣 the wall𝦦 but they will not find anything now haw will ready to find his tools like jogging suit and their shoes he will invest large time⏰ to find it because they will leave it when they find cheese.

                                    In our life when we get something then we become lazy😴 we should not throw our tools by which we get all and always thought the new ideas and creations and always work for better, 
                                   we will fear about our future and think if it will be not happen. We should always think about our reward😊 and work for that to achieve it.

Summary: -   Now haw will teach hem and tells motivation lines to him and ask him by a lines

If you will not change, then you will destroy

                  And go to maze now he has pain in their legs because of running he will run in the maze after a long period he will not eat cheese for A long time so he will have not much energy😞 to run. 

                     But he will run and in some days he will find some cheese🧀 to eat and recover their energy he will thought that one day will come when he finds a large heap of cheese and show to hem he will be very happy to see it and encourage him to come in the maze and find new cheese.
Haw will run in the maze with delight😀 on his face he will now ready for obstacles😎 he will feel delighted because of their fear of freedom and he will enjoy it and he will now imagine that he will sit in a heap of cheese and one by one he will eat the tasty cheese with the help of it he will be always feel energetic😤.

                                He will reach the cheese station and see someone will come and eat them all but some cheese left he will eat and bought some cheese for his journey in the maze. Now he will think that if you will change yourself according to changes.

                     then there is very least affect on you and sometimes it will not affect you. Now haw will know the if he tried😟 to inspect cheese station regularly then he will not pass through the worst time now, in the end, he will find the cheese station (n) where lots of cheese exist there are lots of cheese is available some types are not known by haw.

                              he will also see his old friends🐭 sniff and scurry their heavy stomach tells that they will be there from long time they will be there from a long time then he will put his jogging suit and shoes and take near him he will remember that if he will remember that if he will laugh on his foolish activities then he will achieve more and also feel motivated.

                              He will learn by his mistakes and now he will always inspect his cheese🧀 and regularly go in the maze to find new ways.so, that changes will not affect him.

Analyze:-   So, the story📙 will end. I hope you will like to read and enjoy it and tell me about what you learn by this story and which thing is like by your comment below and share
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